Habit Kit

Make your kids love drinking water through engaging stories and animated pets.

…Did you know?

Hydration promotes mood and cognition

Over half of all children are under hydrated. This may result in poor health, cognitive problems, and poor emotional development.

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…What to do about it?

Learn through play

The pets in Gululu motivate kids to develop healthy habits on their own. When your child drinks from Gululu Interactive Bottle, the pet grows happier and evolves. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation.

…Is it working?

Watch good habits form

Smart and connected. Gululu can be connected to WiFi through a smart phone. So that you as parents can always know how much your kids drank today. Even remotely!

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Features That Build Habits
The Habit Loop
Gentle reminders
The pets develop emotions as the kids interact with them. When kids forget to hydrate, their pet feels lonely and sad to gently reminds then to drink water.
Drink together
When two kids shake their bottles close together, their pets become friends. Friends can compare and compete with their habit score.
Get rewarded
The pets grow and explore for treasures when your kid hydrates regularly. Timely rewards are carefully given to encourage healthy habit loops to form.
All Around
Kid Proof
Cheating detector
Multiple sensors and proprietary algorithms accurately detects how much water is drank. And it’s smart enough to ignore cheating if your kids decides to water the plants instead.
Super durable
Duo layered protection for an ultra durable and shock absorbing bottle. And of course, the material is food grade, BPA free, and FDA approved.
Never get bored
Gululu is Wifi connected and it automatically updates itself with new contents over-the-air. So that kids will always have the best and the latest.
Hassle Free Design
Easy to Maintain
No place for bacteria to hide
We thought it was really annoying have unreachable spots in our bottle. So we made ours with detachable spout so that you can easily clean or replace them.
Safe Charging
No exposed metal, no plugs to plug. Our bottle features a wireless charging cradle. So that all you have to do is drop it in the dock and watch the charging fish recharge itself.
Wash and rinse
Take Gululu for a wash! It is certified IP67 dust and water proof. Meaning that it can be submerged in water within 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
The techy stuff
Holds 400 mL (13.5oz)
Non-toxic and BPA free
Ultra low radiation
100% adorable
Dimensions H: 7.87in (20cm)
Ø: 2.99in (7.6cm)
Weight 0.74lb (335g)
Volume 13.5oz (400mL)
Material All materials are BPA
free and FDA approved
Wi-Fi Connection 802.11 b/g/n
Ingress Protection IP 67
Battery 950mAh
2 days of normal use
4 days in standby
3 hours to charge
In-box Items 1x Gululu Bottle
1x Wireless Charging Dock
1x Micro USD Cable